Have you ever been looking for a swimsuit in a major department store and thought, "when are they going to make swimsuits that are pretty and designed for real women?" Instead you might over hear comments such as "oh, that is so ugly ~ who would wear that!" Or still a kind stranger may say, "ma'am here is a size 16 over here, it's not too bad! You may think to yourself, "who designs these anyways ~ men who are colorblind?"

We discovered something! Women like color, style and comfort! And when you find that combination in a swimsuit, it's like the swimsuit has a spotlight on it saying "Buy me! Buy me!" You shouldn't be made to feel like an elephant in a tutu just because you are not a size 6! We focus on colours first, and look for life-giving, vibrant shades that look good on all types of skin tones. Next, we construct unique styles that compliment all types of women's figures ~ not just Barbie!

Plus Size Women's Swimwear! Tankinis, Swimdresses, 2 Piece Bathing Suits!

Caribbean Paradise Swimwear

Caribbean Paradise Swimwear

10 Phillips Court, Lakehurst, Ontario, Canada K9J 6X2

Email: sadams1@lakeheadu.ca

We Ship Internationally!

"I LOVE my new swimsuit, it's so beautiful!" Writes a satisfied customer in Florida.

Our Delivery Time is Estimated 4-6 Weeks on All Swimsuit Orders!